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Online Product Evaluation


Through our website, inventors and entrepreneurs can perform self-evaluate their product by focusing on its Initial Viability – Phase One of our proven Product Evaluation methodology. 

The Online Product Evaluation takes users through the four factors that determine Initial Product Viability. Those four factors include:

  • Uniqueness
  • Value
  • Appeal
  • Intuitiveness

Upon completing the evaluation, entrepreneurs are provided with a report that assesses the product, summarizes its strengths and weaknesses and highlights strengths and challenges that are commonly faced by products with similar strengths and challenges. 

Other assessment products are expensive (generally costing $200 or more) and often precede attempts to sell other high-cost product development and marketing services. Our evaluation, based upon our proven methodology, is designed to provide a realistic assessment of a new product idea and provides multiple detailed considerations to help inventors and entrepreneurs to launch their products.

NOTE: To ensure the security of your idea, you do NOT need to disclose any unique, specific details of your idea at any point in the Online Product Self Evaluation.

Our evaluation typically costs $150, but for a limited time we are offering this service for $75 (Save 50%).

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