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Product Evaluation - Overview


All inventors would like to know if their product will be successful before investing time and effort into bringing the idea to market.  Success cannot be predicted early on but this does not mean that inventors should blindly continue to invest in their ideas.  Inventors need to target appropriate information and determine the appropriate next steps in developing their idea into a viable product.

Our Product Evaluation Process targets the critical question:

"Will a meaningful number of customers buy your product at a price where you can be profitable?"

Our Product Evaluation Process has been designed to align with the natural progression of product development.  Phase 1 of this evaluation can be performed at the concept stage of an idea.  Subsequent evaluation phases will require defined progress to be made in bringing an idea to market.

Most importantly, Our Product Evaluation Process minimizes risk by establishing "Gates" or decision points where the inventor needs to critically assess whether they should continue to invest in their idea, change direction or stop.

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